A DJ is mixing with a Phase Remote on a vinyl record

Created by DJs for DJs

Phase, the DJ controller for turntables.

Phase lets you control your turntables without using needles, offering the most powerful and reliable setup for all turntable DJs.

Join the Phase Revolution.

Focus on your performance. Phase got your back.

Whether you're in clubs, festivals, or at home, Phase allows you to perform hassle-free in any situation.

Forget about jumping needles, or rumbling tables.
Keep the feeling and accuracy of records.
Save money on needles and timecode records.

The magnificient Jazzy Jeff, turntablism legend.

"Phase has changed DJing forever"

Jazzy Jeff testing Phase DJ
A Phase Remote on top of a turntable

How Phase works

Phase consists of two Remotes placed on top of turntables, allowing DJs to control their DVS software without using needles or timecode records.

The Remotes analyze the rotation information of the turntables and wirelessly send this to a Receiver thanks to a radio communication protocol built in-house.
This Receiver is plugged into the laptop or to the mixer and exchanges information with the DJ software, offering instant control with unrivaled accuracy.

A first-of-a-kind technology

Phase has been designed by our team of engineers in Paris to reach two goals: offer the best stability possible to turntable DJs, and keep the feeling and accuracy of vinyl.

Thanks to very sensitive sensors and a patented wireless protocol, the Remotes detect even the tiniest movements of the turntables for an instant control of the DJ software. An accuracy that has never been reached before in DJing industry.

Also, to remain perfectly stable in any situation, venue, or environment, our engineers have created the Remotes to record only the movements of rotation. Meaning that rumble, vibrations, or any kind of external disruptions doesn't affect the DJ performance.

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Compatible with your DJ setup!

Using timecode technology, Phase is compatible with most of the DJ software available. You don't have to change a thing, Phase will adapt to your current setup!

Logo of the DJ software Serato DJ Pro
A DJ mixing at a club with a big crowd

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