Phase: control your turntables to mix stress-free in any situation

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Watch the legends A-Trak and Craze pushing the limits of Phase at EDC, Las Vegas, in May 2022.

DJ A-Trak and Craze mix with Phase at EDC live Las Vegas in May 2022
"Now I have Phase and I leave my cartridges at home! I trust it now." Mojaxx, November 2021.

Why DJs use Phase?

Stability with turntables no matter the stage.
To offer DJs the most reliable setup, Phase sensors are completely insensitive to any type of rumble or vibrations.

A unique experience of accuracy with timecode.
With an overall latency chain of less than 5ms, Phase can track any movements, much faster than a standard timecode setup.

A long-term investment that saves money.
Being a DJ is expensive. You buy Phase once, you keep it for years. Phase is an evolving product thanks to firmware updates, it will never go obsolete.

Discover Phase Essential:

Phase lets you control the tracks from a DJ software
without using needles. It has been designed with DJs to provide a powerful and reliable way to perform with turntables in any situation.

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