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Phase Essential

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You can now control your turntables without using needles!
Phase offers the most powerful and reliable setup for all turntable DJs.

Test it for 14 days, love it, or return it! ✅


• It's nothing like you knew before!
Using Phase for scratching or mixing, is a one-of-a-kind experience, incomparable with what you know of needles or timecode. The reactivity and accuracy of tracking allow you to do any movements comfortably.

• You can stay confident in any situation.
As turntable DJs, you probably encounter issues with rumble and vibrations. Phase sensors are completely insensitive to either, so they remain perfectly steady wherever you perform.

• It's a one-time purchase, built to last.
With Phase, you can preserve your needles from wear and tear and stop spending money on them and on timecode vinyl. Buy it once, use it endlessly, and save money!

It's a long-term investment, that keeps evolving.
DJs don't want to buy new gear that becomes obsolete and change habits every month, we get it. That’s why we've made sure that Phase could be improved via regular firmware updates, bringing new features and taking your experience to another level every single time. If you still have doubts, know that: you can test it for 14 days, see if it fits your practice and keep it or return it and get fully refunded.

Read conditions.

Is Phase reliable? Mojaxx replies:

Mojaxx from DJ City Phase DJ review 2021 "Phase is good now"
"Now I have Phase and I leave my cartridges at home! I trust it now." Mojaxx, November 2021

How can this possibly work?

That’s the exact same question we asked ourselves when we first decided to develop Phase. Yes, it was going to be challenging!
We first tested using Bluetooth 4.0, as we had already launched, at that time, our first wireless product, Mixfader (a portable crossfader). However, Bluetooth was too slow for our needs. After doing some research, we decided to build our own protocol of communication using radio frequency. This way, we would be able to go as far as we would need to!

And to push and test the wireless protocol, what could be better than surrounding yourself with the best DJs and scratchers of the world?!

Thanks to their accompaniment and constant feedback, Phase is now capable of sending 3200 ticks packs of information per seconds.
It means that any movements, any gestures, are perfectly tracked by the Remotes and allow DJs to control their DJ software with the best accuracy possible and zero latency. And that’s the technology behind Phase we’re the proudest of.

A-trak and craze at EDC, Las Vegas, May 2022.

They are using Phase:

DJ A-Trak and Craze mix with Phase at EDC live Las Vegas in May 2022

Set up with Serato DJ Pro via HID

• Open Serato DJ pro (from 2.5) and plug your DVS mixer to your laptop as usual,
• Simply connect your Phase Receiver to your laptop via USB,
• Select the deck mode "WIR" in Serato DJ Pro and enjoy the experience!

Set up with any DJ software via RCA

• Plug the Receiver to a USB power supply, and connect it to the Line inputs of your mixer.
• Set your mixer's source to USB/PC and the virtual decks of your DJ software on REL mode.The turntables don’t need to be plugged into the mixer anymore.
• Make sure your DJ software is selected in Phase Manager settings, and you're ready to go!


If you still wonder if Phase is compatible with your setup or if we ship to your country, you're in the right place!

Phase requires a primary device that enables DVS / Timecode.
It means that you need to have either a DVS built-in mixer such as Pioneer S7, S9, S11, Reloop Elite, Rane 62,72, or an analog mixer with a DJ soundcard just like SL1, Denon xx.

If you already own a DVS interface, then Phase is already fully compatible with your setup.

Also, note that to configure and update your Phase you will need to use Phase Manager, its dedicated app.
This app is compatible with PC 10 and MacOS 10.10 and up.

Yes, we offer a free express delivery to any Phase unit bought on our official online shop delivered via UPS / Chronopost (FR only).
Note that we are currently not shipping to Ukraine, Brazil, Russia and Belarus.

Yes, we cover the shipping costs for the purchase of a Phase Essential, no matter where you're based.
If you only buy accessories, shipping costs will be calculated according to your location.
Some countries can apply importation custom taxes, these will be estimated and calculated in the cart validation process.

The Phase Care is automatically included for free with the purchase of a Phase unit. It includes:

- Personalized and reactive customer service provided by our Product specialists.
- Full care and support for product repair or exchange in case of a faulty unit.
- 2-year manufacturer warranty in case of damage due to wear and tear of your product.
- Flexible 14-day policy, to return your product after purchase and request a complete refund.

See the full Phase Care terms, and the hardware warranty.

If you change your mind about one of our products, you have 14-days to return it starting on the delivery date, and get a full refund. (exclusions apply). Note that the product will have to be returned intact in its original condition and with all the accessories included in the first place. The shipping costs of the return will be at your expense.

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