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Phase Ultimate
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Phase Ultimate

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Jetzt können Sie Ihre Turntables ohne Nadeln steuern!
Phase bietet das leistungsfähigste und zuverlässigste Setup für alle Turntable-DJs.

Mit dem Ultimate Pack erhalten Sie zwei zusätzliche Remotes für eine noch längere Lebensdauer.

Und heute gibt's das Ganze noch billiger! Verpassen Sie nicht unser Angebot, denn:
-> Der Bestand ist begrenzt
-> Es ist unser einziger Verkauf in diesem Jahr
-> Sie erhalten einen Rabatt von 20%!

Testen Sie es 14 Tage lang, lieben Sie es, oder schicken Sie es zurück! ✅

Thousands of DJs are using Phase all over the world on a daily basis.
If you still wonder whether Phase is for you, let's see what exactly it brings:

You will enjoy the best stability with your turntables anywhere.
Phase sensors are completely insensitive to any type of disturbances such as rumble or vibrations, so they remain perfectly steady wherever you perform.

You will enjoy a unique experience that revolutionized DJing.
With an overall latency chain of less than 5ms, Phase has been designed to track any of your movements and is now much faster than a standard timecode setup.

Whether you prefer mixing, scratching, or beat juggling, you can use Phase for hours during your hardcore practice sessions or in live performances.

You can finally use any turntable setup.
Are you using Serato? Traktor? Rekordbox?
Phase can be set up in less than 2 minutes regardless of your DJ software!
It offers compatibility with wide range of setup too: simply Plug'n'Play with any DVS interface (mixers or external soundcards).

You will save money by buying a long-lasting gear.
Preserve your needles and records from wear and tear and save money! Phase, as an evolving product and thanks to firmware updates, will never go obsolete.

Most recent review:

How can this possibly work?

When we first designed Phase, our main focus was to create a reliable and powerful product for turntable DJs to take their experience further.

With an overall latency chain of less than 5ms, Phase has been designed to be much faster than any timecode setup.
To reach this speed of communication between the Remotes and the Receiver, we have created an in-house radio protocol, faster than any other existing wireless communication.
This protocol uses unique algorithms that automatically select the strongest radio channels, ensuring the best stability while you're mixing!

In addition, thanks to precise gyroscopes, the Remotes perfectly track all of your movements, even the smallest ones.

All this allows you to do mixing, scratching, or beat juggling with top-notch accuracy in any situation.
A feeling of control that cannot be compared to anything else in the industry!

See Phase in action:

Make it double! See how A-Trak and Craze pushed the limits of their B2B performance, using Phase on the huge stage of EDC, in Las Vegas, May 2022.

DJ A-Trak and Craze mix with Phase at EDC live Las Vegas in May 2022


If you still wonder if Phase is compatible with your setup or if we ship to your country, you're in the right place!

Phase requires a primary device that enables DVS / Timecode.
It means that you need to have either a DVS built-in mixer such as Pioneer S7, S9, S11, Reloop Elite, Rane 62,72, or an analog mixer with a DJ soundcard just like SL1, Denon xx.

If you already own a DVS interface, then Phase is already fully compatible with your setup.

Also, note that to configure and update your Phase you will need to use Phase Manager, its dedicated app.
This app is compatible with PC 10 and MacOS 10.10 and up.

Yes, we offer a free express delivery to any Phase unit bought on our official online shop delivered via UPS / Chronopost (FR only).
Note that we are currently not shipping to Ukraine, Brazil, Russia and Belarus.

Yes, we cover the shipping costs for the purchase of a Phase Essential, no matter where you're based.
If you only buy accessories, shipping costs will be calculated according to your location.
Some countries can apply importation custom taxes, these will be estimated and calculated in the cart validation process.

The Phase Care is automatically included for free with the purchase of a Phase unit. It includes:

- Personalized and reactive customer service provided by our Product specialists.
- Full care and support for product repair or exchange in case of a faulty unit.
- 2-year manufacturer warranty in case of damage due to wear and tear of your product.
- Flexible 14-day policy, to return your product after purchase and request a complete refund.

See the full Phase Care terms, and the hardware warranty.

If you change your mind about one of our products, you have 14-days to return it starting on the delivery date, and get a full refund. (exclusions apply). Note that the product will have to be returned intact in its original condition and with all the accessories included in the first place. The shipping costs of the return will be at your expense.

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