Your logo. Your style. Your Phase.

Create a Phase that nobody else has! Thanks to our powerful laser engraving system, add your DJ logo or text to make it truly yours. Don't miss out on this limited edition with exclusive benefits!

This offer ends on November 21st.

Enjoy exclusive benefits!

This limited edition not only allows you to engrave your Phase, but also offers extra perks:

➤ Exclusive extended warranty: 4 years (instead of 2)
➤ Extra magnetic stickers: 8 in total
➤ Limited collection Phase stickers

Watch how to design your Phase:

How does laser engraving work?

Our high-tech machine is using a laser marking method. The laser beam removes a thin layer of aluminum part of the Phase Receiver to engrave your logo and text.

This process is done manually by qualified tech specialists from the Phase team to ensure the most accurate and best results.

FAQ Engraved edition

If you still have any doubts or questions before buying, keep reading!

The engraving option is available for $59, but can vary depending on your currency. Validate your design and go to the checkout to see the exact price.

Same as purchasing the standard Phase Essential unit, the shipping is free, no matter where you're based!
Depending on your location, your order delivery can take up to 5 business days.
As we are in charge of the personalization and logistic processes of your order, we will directly contact you to inform you of your order status. 😊

Additional fees such as customs duties and import taxes may apply, depending on the international trading policy of your country.
However, we cannot predict nor have control over these additional fees.

To create your own Phase engraved edition, follow the steps:

1. Upload your logo (.png image with no background)

Add text if you want (if you leave the box empty, no text will be engraved).

3. Validate your design and checkout!

To ensure a very high quality rendering, all uploaded files and texts will be verified by our designer.
If you have any questions about your design preview, contact us here. 😊

If you have uploaded your logo accordingly to our guidelines and tips but still aren't satisfied by the preview, don't hesitate to contact us here. 😊
Our team will get back to you within 24H and our designer will help you create your edition perfectly.

Our team guarantees the quality of the service and will make sure to verify every step of your creation.
Starting from the upload of your logos and texts, that will be verified by our design experts, to the laser engraving process, that’s done by qualified tech specialists who will manually laser each unit, thanks to our high-quality machine, ensuring the most accurate results.

If you have any complaints, questions or doubts, our customer service team is available and will get back to you within 24h: Contact us here.

The engraving option is available in limited quantities with new Phase units due to logistic reasons.
The whole process is done manually by our tech team to ensure the best quality possible, which is very time-consuming.
Today, offering more personalization is only the first step for us and we want to expand this idea even further in the future!